ELLE ZADA Is Your Trusted Syari'ah-Compliant Designer Wear
 original contemporary design with exclusive touch for beautiful muslimah 


We tailored every Islamic fashion piece with quality in mind. Our quality control system guarantees you the perfection of every hijab, jubah, tudung labuh garment and accessories we created.

ELLE ZADA creates high quality design range. While keeping up with the rapidity of current style, we stay loyal to syari'ah-compliant fashion. This makes Elle Zada the perfect choice for beautiful modern muslimah.

Elle Zada incorporates Islamic guideline into our wide range of hijab designs. Each design was carefully designed to ensure comfort while being syari'ah-compliant. We strive to give our best and prioritizing modern muslimah’s need to cover their aurah.

Aligned with of our high quality products, we strive to give our best in customer service. Our team are trained with the business way of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW to ensure each dealing with customer is smooth and respectful. Elle Zada has been serving a wide range of customers since its inception. Your satisfaction is our inspiration!

We believe in enriching ukhuwah and bonds through our business platform. We communicate with our customers to ensure product and service satisfaction while building rapport with each other. Elle Zada takes time to listen to our customers’ brilliant suggestions and admirable advices. We are not solely here to sell things but rather to spread the love and beauty of Islam.

Understanding the powerful force of fashion, Elle Zada ventures in to offer an interpretation of syari'ah-compliant hijab yet beautiful to muslimah worldwide. As image is a reflection of faith, we aim to contribute as a modest clothing and tudung labuh speacialist. It is our hope to make easier transition for more young and mature muslimahs into wearing a longer and fuller hijab to cover their aurah.


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