5 Stylish Syaria-Compliant Hijab Styles For 2017

04, 2017 by

Anne Hadid

Who says Muslimah cannot be stylish with tudung labuh?

Can you believe it? Its already March 2017! Time flies like a jet this 2017, huh?

Do you believe that outside appearance will bring a difference in your daily life? Still not sure? Now let’s try to answer this set of questions:

You are more comfortable dealing with someone who dressed properly.

You are more likely to befriend someone who is stylish.

You feels  more confident in new fresh clothes.

You are impressed when looking at someone outfits that looks so put together.

If you answered ‘YES’ to all or most of the questions, you agreed that; outside appearance do make difference in our life.

You know what a wise lady once told me?

“Good clothe (outside appearance) opens all doors.”

With that being said, how about we freshen up our look in 2017 with these 5 STYLISH SYARIA-COMPLIANT HIJAB STYLES? Let’s do this!


 SIDE WAVEJazz up your look even with simple and basic halfmoon shawl. You’ll look stunning without having to try hard!

❤ SLICK ASIDE: Bored of the same-old style when adorning your favourite bawal? Try this look, and you’ll notice the difference in your confidence immediately!

    Slick Aside Hijab Style Shawl


     WATERFALL SWIRLWant a simpler way to look more stylish? Here, this waterfall swirl is simple yet sooo beautiful!


       BACK-TUCK:Let’s spice it up a notch, try out this back-tuck styles. We, muslimah can still look beautiful in hijab, work it girl!

        Back-Tuck Hijab Style Shawl


        and of course, we save the best for last. Are you ready?

        ❤ PIECEY WAVEAww, don’t you feel like royalty in this style? I'm sooo in love with it, and I believe you do too!

          So now you see what you’ll look like this new year, how was it? I know, I know, you are wondering "Where to get them?" and "How to style them?" right? Well, I’m in love with ELLE ZADA so all this amazing shawls are from them. Of course, you can use other shawls too, but it might not look the same.

          I’ll share with you the tutorial in another post.

          Anne Hadid.


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