Dress Right For Your Body Type

06, 2017 by

Anne Hadid

It’s always horrifying when we end up buying expensive clothes that don’t let us look our best.

Dressing up and finding the right clothes to complement the body can be a dreading experience sometimes.

But It shouldn't be anymore, not when the fashion expert at ELLE ZADA are always ready to help your buying decision!

There is actually a science behind wearing the right clothes for our body types. Know your body well, to rock your look well!

So which body type are you?


Body shape styles

Hourglass: Proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body. You can wear most bottoms as long as it’s paired with complementary top.

Rectangular: Use strong blocks of colours to help proportion and define your body.

Pear: Go for an A-line dress to help slimming wider hips.

Inverted Triangle: Make sure all details like ruffles, patterns, and other design elements are in areas other than the shoulders.

Now that you’ve known the trick to rock the right clothes for your body, make sure you pick only Syaria-compliant clothes, alright? 😘

Still confused? Never worry! Drop by our boutique and we’d be more than happy to further share what suits your body shape the best.

Btw, do you have other personal tricks that really works? Let’s share it in the comments below. 😉


Anne Hadid


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