No, You Don’t Always Need Fancy Dresses

07, 2017 by

Anne Hadid

Class, confidence, and couture. These are the essentials for strong women to appear their best anytime, anywhere.

We women more often than not face this dilemma every time we receive an invitation to attend dinners and events: FINDING THAT PERFECT OUTFIT.

We browse all the known sites for ladies’ clothing, and spend about 5 dreading hours at the mall and boutiques to find that one perfect outfit. And many times we think in the end that we look overdressed and weird. So why go through all the hustle?

Let them creative cells work, and add your personality on top of that, voila! You are good to go.

I’d like to share these two simple yet amazing looks for you to try. There are so many styles to try but this time I’ll go with the Catrianna Jubah, one of my favourite collections at ELLE ZADA.

  • Classic Juliette:
    Inspired by the ladyness of Juliette, I pick this red Cherry Anna from the Catrianna collections and matched it with white shortie jacket. Topped with a white handbag and red ankle boots, um-ah you can never go wrong with this.



  • Classy Jane:
    If you are into more of a rugged look, this one is for you. Match this maroon Velvet Anna with the khaki Chanel-inspired jacket. To finish up the ‘Jane’ look, you don’t need Tarzan; just pair up witha simple clutch and platforms in khaki too.

    Ehmm don’t forget to style it with your favourite matching headscarves. ;) Oh, and I heard they are having a BIG SALE at ELLE ZADA. I should check it out. And you should do that too. Luckily, they do international shipping. Pheww.

    InsyaAllah in the next post, I’d like to share with you on Umrah Fashion Observation. Until next time.

    Anne Hadid


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