Save Time: Getting Ready in 5 Minutes (Muslimah)

05, 2017 by

Maisarah Ahmad Kamil

Getting ready in the morning can be especially challenging for a working Muslimah.

With young kids at home, preparing breakfast and getting the kids ready can be like waging World War III on a daily basis. But it doesn’t have to be so! Here we share three tips for you to get ready within ten minutes and focus more of your time getting the family ready:

Tip #1: Start with Bismillah

Start with just a short dua’a, asking Allah SWT to ease your morning to-do list. The mark of a Muslimah is her submission to Allah SWT, and this must be exercised in all her affairs. InsyaAllah, with the dua’a before starting anything, the rest of the morning will be much easier as Allah SWT puts your affairs in order.


Tip #2: Invest in iron-friendly clothes

Here at ELLE ZADA, the number one thing our employees love are clothes that need either no ironing, or minimal ironing. When considering how much time goes into ironing our daily outfits (average 30 minutes per outfit for a skirt, blouse and headscarf), it is much more effective to do away with the frills and chiffon and invest instead in clothes that can be worn right out of the wash.


Tip #3: Have an everyday simple makeup routine

Are you a fan of the “No make-up make-up” look? We definitely are. Make-up should be used to enhance the current beauty a Muslimah already possesses: in other words, we use make-up so people will not be distracted, for example, by the large spot on our foreheads. Makeup takes less time when we focus to only enhance our current look. It takes more time to do a full coverage look and besides, within three hours in the Malaysian hot weather, you’d probably be uncomfortable and look cake-y already!


Tip #4: Have three or four go-to breakfast choices

Tip #4 is to get the family ready. If you’re a working mother and need to prepare breakfast for the family, save the fancy, time-consuming breakfasts for the weekend. Instead, have three, four or five daily healthy breakfast choices and just rotate every day. From burgers to omelettes, to cereal, toast, half-boiled eggs or fried rice, there are many choices for quick and easy breakfast preparation that takes twenty minutes to prepare. Make sure your family has some fruit in the morning, too!


Tip #5: Get the kids on a routine.

This may take a little longer to do, but it will be worthwhile in the long run. Make sure the kids know their daily routine, and make sure the night before that they have prepared their school clothes and bags so no chaos breaks out in the morning looking for things. This will put you, and them, in a better mood when things go right in the morning.


So here it is, a few tips to get ready very easily in the morning. Once the routine is in place, you may even begin to enjoy your mornings. Personally, I love starting my day with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. It’s such a nice treat to reward yourself with a drink or snack that you love as you get ready for the big day.

Have any tips of your own? Come share in the comments!