The Magic of Prayer Time

07, 2017 by

Eva Daniel

Schedule Your Tasks Around Prayer Time: Not Pray when you have free time!

One brother once shared with us his secret of being productive at work. Sometimes, we feel like our to-do list is never-ending and that there is always something else to do after we finish a task.

Whether a student, an employee, a boss, a housewife, a mother; every day, we wake up with the stress of things that we need to do for the day.

This brother, masyaAllah, shared with us the reason.

He said to us,

“When you set out to do the task for the day, the most important thing to remember is to pray when the adhan is called. Do not delay. Schedule your tasks in such a way that praying early is the priority of the day because it determines your success of your other tasks.

“For example, if you have three deadlines that day, which are at 2pm and 5.30pm, work in such a way that you will submit the work by 1pm so you can pray Zuhur on time at 1.30pm, then submit the other work at 4.30pm so you do not miss Asar prayers at 4.50pm. This will make you much more productive and Subhanallah, you will have the reward of early prayers!”

Subhanallah. Is this not such a wonderful way to do our work?

Of course, there are many times when we are not able to do this, such as work which cannot be stopped, like surgery, or being caught in urgent meetings with non-Muslims requiring our presence right there and then. This cannot be helped. But how beautiful would it be if we begin practicing this in our daily lives now?

One of Team ELLE ZADA experienced this. She was in an urgent meeting for three hours before they stopped and said they would take a break and pray Asar first.

As soon as the meeting was resumed, ideas came to them and they finished their agenda and the remaining discussion within half an hour!

We refer this ‘magic’ to the ayat in surah Al-Jumuah, ayat 9-10:

“O you who believe, when the prayer is called for on the Day of Jumu’ah, then rush to the Remembrance of Allaah and leave off the trading (commerce). That is better for you if you did but know. And when the prayer is finished then spread throughout the land and seek from Allaah’s Bounty and remember Allaah much in order that you may be successful.”

The sahabah would, upon hearing the call for Friday prayers, abandon all their work and trade to head to the masjid. If they were working on a structure and it requires the laying of one brick left to complete the structure, they would leave it in favour of performing salah first.

Subhanallah! Just imagine what rewards Allah SWT will give us if we strive to practice this with each of our daily prayers!

Put our affairs in the hands of Allah SWT. When we make Allah SWT our priority, insyaAllah, we will also become a priority.

Eva Daniel


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