Why Hasn’t Allah SWT Answered My Prayers?

10, 2017 by

Maisarah Ahmad Kamil

Sometimes, it feels like we are going through life without guidance.

Ask anyone, anyone at all, and they will most likely say,

“Yes, I have prayed for something before but didn’t get it.”

Ask those with wisdom, however, and they will add,

“But I can see now that I was given something better.”

We are always in the midst of wanting something.


We want better life stability.

Better business growth.

A better job.

A better relationship.

We want to get married.

We want to have kids.

We want health.

We want to go somewhere.


We always want something, and this want is not the small desire to have a Kit Kat or wanting to go on a short vacation. This want in today’s topic runs deep, the kind where some days we might even shed tears thinking, ‘Will I ever get it?’ as we watch those around us receiving the things we want, all the time.

We are informed by a famous hadith,

“There is no Muslim who makes a supplication, in which there is neither sin nor severing ties of kinship, save that Allah will grant because of it one of three things: either He will grant him a prompt response, or store it up for him in the Hereafter, or avert from him an equivalent harm.”


Remember that. Allah SWT will give either of these three :

  1. He will immediately answers the prayer, or
  2. He will save it for the afterlife, or
  3. He may give us something better or prevent us from an equivalent harm.


Before we give up and lose hope, wondering why our prayers are not answered, let us first ask these questions and audit ourselves:

  1. Do I make the prayer sincerely, every day and after every prayer time? Do I wake up for tahajjud to ask for what I want?
  2. Do I currently eat or earn from haram sources?
  3. Do I even take care of my daily prayers?
  4. Do I remember Allah SWT only at times of hardship? Do I make dua’a at times of ease?
  5. Have I done something wrong to my relative or fellow Muslim, and that I need to seek forgiveness first?
  6. Do I have good thoughts about Allah SWT?
  7. Have I done a major sin and have not yet repented from it?
  8. Am I even truly prepared to receive this gift?
  9. Am I clear in my dua’a, or am I asking for something general?
  10. Will I still remember Allah SWT and be as close to Him after my dua’a is answered?

Never lose hope, and never put the blame on Allah SWT. He knows your heart better than you do, and He also knows what is best for you. Be patient, audit yourself, and ask with full sincerity.

Allah SWT will never ignore our dua’as. And whatever is, and is not, given to us is always the best for us.

Maisarah Kamil.


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