Place order.

✨ How do I place an order? ✨

So, you would like to make your first order with ELLE ZADA? Here’s how:

  1. Click on the “COLLECTIONS” button.

  1. Select the category of the collection (Shawl, Jubah, etc.)

  1. Click on the picture of collections you want to buy, and the collection's detail will be displayed on the page.

  1. Select the size (if necessary) and click on the “GET THIS” button.

  1. You will reach your cart. And if you would like to purchase more, just click “continue shopping” and repeat step 2

  1. To cancel the order, simply click on the “X” button situated next to the price display in the cart.
  1. Fill in the special instruction box (If necessary. Eg: “Put the balance of RM1.00 in my parcel.”, “Donate the balance into any charity.”).

  2. Click on the “CHECKOUT” button to proceed.

  3. Fill in the Customer Information form. If there is a discount code provided, key it in the discount box and click on the “APPLY” button.

  4. Click on the "CONTINUE" button.


11.Click on the “COMPLETE ORDER” button.


 12. You are done! The method of payment is stated in the confirmation page. The confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.